The Ultimate New Phone – A Phone made out of blocks

phoneblok2    phoneblok1

I am delighted about this project – how awesome: you will have a unique phone – because you can assemble the phone blocks you want – and best of all, you do not have to throw the whole phone away once one element isn’t working so well anymore but you replace the specific block with a new block 🙂 I’m thrilled!  check it out here and show your support.

Seriously, what’s the point of spending >$600 on a phone already knowing in a year-time it will be replaceable by a new one?That had been Apple’s ‘innovative’ strategy but are we not fed up with being fooled? Okay, you can argue an iPhone is actually still perfectly working after one year, but do we wanna have a device that is clearly ‘outperformed’ by a new one or indeed obsolete? I guess the answer is no.

Yang, you and many of my friends know my ‘hassle’ with mobile phones (I do acknowledge it is a luxury problem, yes, I know) – my 2 beloved iPhones got stolen and now I ended up with an LG, which after a year of owning and loving to take awesome pics with (better quality than the iPhone cam by the way) it is clearly becoming obsolete – it shuts down unexpectedly while on phone calls, freezes while doing something and has endless waiting times when surfing.

But it seems that especially your countrymen and women, the Dutchies are coming up with amazing, truly innovative phone concepts, like this dude, Dave Hakken with his phonebloks. It is truly a smart phone concept: composed of party which are replaceable, meaning you do not have to throw the whole phone away. And it’s customisable – who doesn’t like that? – we all want to be special and different, don’t we?!

Or the social smart phone enterprise based in Amsterdam called fairphone, which focused on a fair production and materials, including an e-waste policy. Basically fairphone is operating on the triple bottom line, caring about people, planet and profits. The called dedicated a great article about them “disrupting the mobile phone market through values“.

E-waste is by the way a huge (little addressed) problem and consequence of this craze for new and newer phones – Africa or India, are countries where second-hand phones are ‘donated’ or simply dumped, mostly illegally, with huge environmental and social but also health consequences.


I can say I have been looking for a new phone alternative – I am sick of these devices made to be obsolete and would love to buy a next-era-phone and it seems that’s gonna be possible because the first batch of the fairphones are being produced and delivered to the lucky, first-backers at the end of this year and I believe the phoneblok will also be launched soon, seeing that it has been crowd funded over a 120%. Good prospects, for now I gotta be a bit more patient.

Have a happy Friday, be conscious about your consumption and have a great weekend!


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